Expected results 2016

  • throughout 2016, the research on the field will continue, as well as the documentation in the Archive of the National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives;
  • transcription of the recorded depositions will continue;
  • the database with the interviewees will reach its completion;
  • research and documentation stages in libraries and/or research institutions specialized in the history of communism in the country or abroad will take place
  • the results of the research will be put good use by the members of the team in their participation at minimum 6 international conferences organized by research or academic institutes of prestige from the country or from abroad
  • minimum 4 studies will be written (which will be published in journals registered in important international databases)
  • in July 2016 the international conference will be organized, and afterword the communications will be included in a separate conference volume;
  • a volume of the project, consisting in a large introductory study, depositions and documents, will also be prepared.